Clarence House b&b
Cape Town / Claremont South Africa

Round Table in our Patio

Freddy created a new round table made out of a huge cable wheel board. Enjoy sitting there when having a delicious breakfast or a sumptuous dinner at Clarence House. 

Flower Fields on the West


There are beautiful flower fields along specific areas on the West Coast this year. We give you more information where to go!

Whale Season

Enjoy exploring the Southern Right Wales along South African Shores from Simon’s Town to Gansbaai with Hermanus as a top place to observe.


Water Saving & Rain

Water Harvesting @

Clarence House

Cape Town and the Western Cape are experiencing one of the severest droughts in their history with dam levels almost gone and very high water restrictions in place for all habitants and visitors as well. We at Clarence House have spent significant time, work and money to prevent the worst situation of running dry and to help the City to tackle this existing water crisis. All our toilet systems are flushing with harvested rain water and washing machines and dishwasher are supplied from our tanks as well. All our rainwater goes through a several staged filter systems one level below drinkable water (needs UV-Filtration). So, if you are a guest at Clarence House you always will find clean linen and cutleries and you may flush the toilet when you need even if there is no municipality water supply. Water supply from the municipality will be interrupted soon. Therefore, a further step might be to integrate grey water in our separate supply system and to use the covered pool water capacity as an additional water storage to supply the taps during our high season. Experience water saving to a new level of living next time when visiting the Clarence House. A clean conscience is a good pillow!
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